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Related article: English experts on the Turf has led them to adopt the contrary view. Admiral Rous, for example, was no believer in the vaunted superiority of the Arab. A first- ciass Oxy 5 Benzoyl Peroxide English racehorse, he main- tained, could give six stone to the best Arabian that can be found, for any distance under ten miles. A few months ago I had a letter from a well-known sportsman in Sydney which contained some very interesting particulars con- cerning the Arab strain as it has affected the breed of horses in New South Wales. Some of these particulars will, I daresay, be new to Benzoyl Peroxide 20 most of my readers, and there- fore I shall make no apology for quoting them here. Sir Benzoyl Peroxide 5 Percent John Lackey, one of 20 Benzoyl Peroxide the greatest authorities on horse- breeding in Australia, in the course of a paper read before the Agricultural Society of New South Wales in August, 1873, Sir Hercules Robinson (the late Lord Rosmead), President, in the chair, made the following re- marks : — " Many Generic Benzoyl Peroxide opinions exist as to the relative merits of the English horse as compared with the Arab; and though the best judges regard the English blood horse as by far the most perfect of its kind, it must be admitted that in this colony the. Arabs have produced some of the most useful animals we have had on the Turf. However, both here and else- where, the English blood has always occupied the premier posi- tion. The beautiful tales of Eastern countries and remote times may lead Benzoyl Peroxide Australia us to imagine that Arabian horses possess marvellous powers, but it cannot admit of a doubt that the English trained horse is more beautiful and far swifter and stouter than the justly famed courser of the desert. On the burning plains of the East and in the frozen climate of Russia he has invariably beaten every antagonist on his native Lotion Containing Benzoyl Peroxide ground. Some years ago, Recruit, an English horse of moderate repu- tation, easily beat Pyramis, the best Arabian on the Bengal side of India. It will be admitted, I think, also, that the Walers have held a very successful place on the Turf 2.5 Percent Benzoyl Peroxide in India and China : most of Creams Containing Benzoyl Peroxide the horses sent from here have held the first places on the Turf at Madras, Calcutta and Hong-Kong." And my correspondent's letter recalled to me an incident in the career of Admiral Rous, which I daresay is unknown to most of his Benzoyl Peroxide Face Lotion English admirers. In Au- stralia the ** Admiral " is still mentioned with pride and affec- tion among Turf men as one of the great founders of ** The Australian Turf." " It may be," says Sir John Lackey, " that there are some who have a very slight knowledge of the fact that before he was, in his own person, the great court from the judgment of which on all sporting questions there was no appeal, he was doing his best to show us, in the in- fancy of sporting life here, how to make our field sports the pur- suits of gentlemen and men of honour and the great entertain- ments of the public. He came to this country as a very young man. He had only obtained his com- mand in the Navy a few years before he anchored in Sydney Harbour, and in these seas he remained for several years. He came here commander of the frigate Rainbow, in 1825, when he 428 BAILY S MAGA2INE. [Just must have been less than thirty years of age, and he made use of His Majesty's ship, even in those distant days, for the purpose of introducing an accession to the then blood stock of the country. From the time of his arrival he took an active part in all the sporting events to which he could give assistance, as if he had been sent out, not to command a ship of war, but to give the benefit of his peculiar knowledge to the formation of a very important part of our national character. What, as a young man full of energy and vigour and sympathy with the growth of this continent, he was doing for us in our small sporting world then, everyone now knows he did, we may say, cer- tainly for England and for all British dependencies which pos- sess a racehorse, and for those parts of Europe which include 5 Percent Benzoyl Peroxide horse rac- ing among their popular sports." But Admiral Rouses interest in Australian sport took a more practical form than mere personal sympathy and encouragement. He imported two first - rate thoroughbreds. Emigrant and the high - class Arab Rainbow, of which my correspondent in Syd- ney gives me these Buy Benzoyl Peroxide Online particulars : — '* Rainbow left no mark here worthy of note, but Emigrant has left his mark on our thorough- breds to an extent that may be said to stamp him as perhaps the greatest horse ever imported to New South Wales. Emigrant is a household word with breeders here, and one of his descendants, Yattendon (who was out of Cas- sandra, a direct descendant of Emigrant), was the sire of per- haps a greater number of cele- brated horses than any other horse we have ever had. Rous's Emigrant was a brown horse with a tanned muzzle.** Of the superiority of the English thoroughbred over the Arab in the matter of speed there is no doubt whatever, but those who believe in the Arabian horse still maintain that in staying power he is not to be surpassed, Benzoyl Peroxide 6 and 1 am not aware that the £n^iish thoroughbred has ever proved his superiority in any test match of stamina. There was a match at Cairo on September 25th, 1853, for j^350 a side between an Arat> horse and a thoroughbred English mare over a distance of 9^ miles, 4 miles 7 furlongs out and Best Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser in, '* without stopping,'* which * re- sulted in the victory of the Arab, who did the run out in 15I minutes and the run home in ii4 minutes: 27 J minutes for the 9I miles. But there was a general impression, at any rate among the Englishmen present, that the mare would have won if she had not swerved from the straight about a mile from home, and her jockey, in trying to turn her, 2.5 Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash upset her into Face Lotion With Benzoyl Peroxide a cane fence. How- ever, the fact remains that the Arab did win. At the time of George Osbal- deston*s death, when the subject of his great two hundred miles* ride at Newmarket cropped up in the newspapers, a colonel on the Bengal Retired List gave in a letter Buy Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 to a contemporary some remarkable instances of com- bined Benzoyl Peroxide Generic human and equine endur- ance in which the Arab figures prominently, and from which I select the following Buy 2.5 Benzoyl Peroxide : — " My belief is,** writes the colonel, " that Captain Home, of the Madras Benzoyl Peroxide Mask Horse Artillery, did ride two hundred miles in less than ten hours, and that along the